How Renovation Affects Property Value

Increasing the value of your home is more straightforward than you might think. In fact, basic home improvement can add significant premiums to your home. So if you’ve lived in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a while and you’ve bought yourself a home, you should consider renovating your home to increase your home’s value. The best way to boost your home’s value is to plan. You should complete the...


Getting a Golden Visa in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has been a global talent hub for decades, and the new golden visa makes working and living in the United Arab Emirates more straightforward.The U.A.E is one of the world’s most diverse countries, with 8 million foreign workers and over 200 nationalities. So it’s no wonder why so many people come to this prosperous nation. Here are some reasons why people work,...


Renting Vs. Buying Property in the UAE

The UAE property market has evolved over the years, with so many options available for both residents and expatriates. However, the choice between renting and buying is always a serious one, and many people find themselves undecided. Here are some guidelines to help you make this investment decision. Duration of Your Stay Typically, if you will stay for less than five years in the UAE, you should...


Real Estate in the UAE in a Post-COVID World

A little on what to expect in Abu Dhabi and Dubai after Covid-19 fades into a memory.At this point, it’s hard to imagine a world free of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, in doing so, we’ve done more than just imagine what the real estate market will look like in the UAE once the pandemic is over. We surely will find ourselves in a new world. A rapid vaccination protocol currently rolling out across the...


Dubai Rental Guide

What better place than Dubai when it comes to leasing or renting a space to stay – whether it be for work, for pleasure, or for adventure. Dubai is a bustling metropolis located right in the heart of the middle east, the United Arab Emirates. The good thing about renting in Dubai is that the process is quite similar to renting anywhere else in the world. Typically, it’s a seamless process that results...


Dubai Buying Guide

If you’re searching for a new city to call home, there’s nothing like the beautiful city of Dubai. Situated right in the UAE, the heart of the middle east, Dubai is a destination that can easily look and feel like a tropical paradise – albeit one located right along the Persian Gulf. Dubai is a major city, and it’s full of towering skyscrapers, stunning resorts, exciting museums, restaurants, and...

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